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Bluewater ControlMobile management The Mobile Workforce – how does it affect the bottom line?

The Mobile Workforce – how does it affect the bottom line?

We’ve been hearing about the “Connected Workplace of the Future” for years now – what it will look like… and what does it means for the way we work?  For organisations that embrace change, the “mobile first” tech evolution is enabling employees to perform roles with consistency across all devices, so for them, the future has already arrived.  For those grappling with the pace of change to how employees work in this online, connected, mobile, “cloud-based” scenario, there are challenges and huge rewards.

This work-cultural shift has promoted considerable investments in telecoms mobility.  New management disciplines have evolved also around governance, transparency of costs, predictability and control of devices. CFOs are pushing carriers to optimise their services in line with these new business requirements, trusting their telco carriers to provide the best possible cost structures, in many cases blind. That’s why budget blowouts have become common. Businesses are everchanging and Finance is challenged with dynamic demands carriers cannot understand. With profitability at stake, the need for deep current analysis and visibility across mobile expenses, assets and procurement has never been greater.

In 2016, Bluewater™ arrived to meet these evolving complexities. Since then, Bluewater™ clients have realised cost savings of up to 35% in their first year, and can now refocus key resources on core business activities. For that reason, organisations are now coming to us directly, in need of an integrated mobility management platform to automate manual processes and elevate the visibility, optimisation and predictability of mobility operations. The Finance team at Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) is utilising Bluewater™ to enable remote teams and projects to efficiently operate, report, saving time and costs.

Firstly, the finance team at MHPS analysed the data, and next they dealt with admin issues and cut off services that were redundant.  Now they are planning to right-size data plans and get extra data services to those that need it most.  Because staff didn’t see cost coming through to their costs centres before it was difficult to identify the most appropriate plans. MHPS have made targets for Bluewater – data cards first, mobile costs second, fixed lines third.

Further savings are expected when they recontract mobile services and they look at external vs internal costs.  “Because of the reports, we can identify peaks and troughs” said Sharon Gordon, IT Manager MHPS. Current reports were at a big picture level, just not as detailed and powerful as the Bluewater reports that reflect the individual usage.

Bluewater provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that stops the expanding costs associated with mobility fleet management and frees up human capital resources. It deals with the biggest growing expense in business today – the cost of managing the mobile workforce of the future.